Notes from Heck

Open Source Projects

Here's a curated list of my most recent open source projects. I've dabbled in several more - some dead-ended, others just sort of stagnated, and then there are some in the pipeline, waiting on a dependency or just for some bandwidth to free up.

# Name Description Links Health
1 Node Box SDK Node.js client for the Content API See on Travis CI
2 NeDB Adapter NeDB adapter for Sails / Waterline - 0.10.x See on Travis CI
3 NeDB (Node embedded database)
forked from louischatriot/nedb
Aggregation support for NeDB See on Travis CI
4 Berserker Advanced web-based frontend for Aria2-JSONRPC No Tests
5 Icarus Proof of concept app for Node Box SDK. CLI sync client for Linux. Under Construction